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Do you need a professional WordPress expert to help you with your WordPress website?  We can help you with any WordPress related problems, just fill in the form to get a free quote for a quick and secure fix for your WordPress site.

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Do you need a WordPress expert?

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How can we help you?

We get things done for you - valuable, easy and fast!

  • Help, my WordPress site was hacked!

    We can help you remove the unwanted files and provide a security audit and analyze of your WordPress site.

  • Help me install a WordPress theme

    We will install, setup and optimize a new WordPress theme on your website for you.

  • Help me install a WordPress plugin

    We will do the necessary compatibility checks and install and configure any WordPress plugins for you.

  • Help me optimize my images

    Have large images slowing down your WordPress site or breaking your layout? We can resize these images to the proper dimensions and compress them to make your site look and perform better. 

  • Help me optimize my database

    We can do a back up and optimization of your WordPress database. If you like we can even limit the number of revisions store for each post and page so that your database doesn’t get over-sized.

  • Help me add/edit a page or post

    Adding a page or post from the WordPress dashboard, formatting and adding copy, images and videos to fit existing website aesthetic. All content must be provided by you.

  • Help me add Google analytics to my website

    Insert Google analytics (code provided by the client) into a WordPress site. If no code is available we can help you setup the account at no additional cost.

  • Help me add an XML sitemap

    Add an XML site map to your WordPress site and connect your website to Google’s webmasters tools (search console).

  • Help me backup my WordPress site

    We will back up your WordPress site and provide you with a link to the back up files so that you can download them and store them at a safe location.

  • Help me remove malware

    Got hacked? We can help you remove the malicious files and provide a security audit of your WordPress site.

  • Help me setup a SSL certificate

    We will setup your SSL certificate on your WordPress site so your website is accessible by https://. SSL certificate must be provided by you the website owner.

  • Help me fix broken links & 404 errors

    If you have broken links on your WordPress site, we will either fix the links themselves (point them to the correct pages and or post) and perform re-directions for the 404 errors.

  • Help me speed up my WordPress site

    We will install and configure a caching plugin to improve your WordPress site speed. If there are other factors that are slowing down your site we can help you identify these factors and provide you with a solution to these issues.

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